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High Performance Parallel storage for Virtualized Cloud-Based Infrastructure

What is "Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre*"?

Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre* (CE) Software is a product that runs on scalable cloud infrastructures. Cloud Edition provides a high performance parallel Lustre filesystem using virtualized resources. The full package includes CentOS, Lustre, Ganglia, and Lustre Monitoring Tool (LMT).

Cloud Edition is intended to be used as the working filesystem for an HPC or other IO intensive workloads. It is not intended to be used as a long term storage or alternative to cloud storage options such as S3. We recommend that S3 or "cold-storage" be used for long term data storage, and Lustre used wherever a high-performance shared filesystem is required. 




Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre* on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a collection of remote computing services that make up Amazon's cloud computing infrastructure. Using Amazon Machine Images (AMI) and Elastic Compute Storage (EC2), users can run Cloud Edition for Lustre* to connect high performance parallel storage to HPC and Technical Compute workloads running in AWS.




Support Details

The Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre* software is supported by the Lustre* experts at Intel. Product support includes the latest software updates, patches, and fixes to ensure a stable, flexible, and robust storage environment that leverages the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure.




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