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Third-Party Tools Overview

A number of high quality, production ready tools have been developed by members of the Lustre community. These include:



Description: Lustre load monitor with batch scheduler integration. Covered in LUG2011 presentation:

An enhanced version of the tool is also available, called xltop. It is included at the bottom of this page.

Author: John Hammond (TACC)



Description: LMT is a distributed system that provides a "top"-like display of the activity levels of the server-side (MDS, OSSes, and LNET routers) nodes of one or more Lustre-based filesystems.

Author: Christopher J. Morrone (LLNL)



Parallel copy tool for Lustre (PCP) is similar to cp -r ; simply give it a source directory and destination and pcp will recursively copy the source directory to the destination in parallel.

Robinhood Policy Engine


Robinhood Policy Engine is a multi-purpose tool for managing content of large filesystems: audit FS content, accounting, remove old unused files according to admin-defined policies, customizable alerts based on file properties, backup data to external storage.
It has advanced capabilities for Lustre filesystems: leverage OST usage, list or purge files per OST, policy criteria based on pools and OST index, processing of MDT changelogs (Lustre v2).



Description: Shine is a command line tool designed to setup and manage the Lustre file system on a cluster. It aims at centralize and simplify Lustre filesystem management task with:

  • one human-readable configuration file to describe your filesystem
  • start, stop, format (and more) your filesystem from a unique machine, thanks to a simple command line interface.

Author: CEA/Bull



Description: Probe Lustre interfaces and collect statistics.

Author: John Hammond (TACC)



Description: xltop is a continuous Lustre monitor with batch scheduler intergation.

Client screenshot:

Author: John Hammond (TACC)

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