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The latest community release is Lustre 2.10.0 - see  Lustre 2.10.0 Changelog for more details. This release is a Long Term Stable (LTS) release and so maintenance releases to address defects and provide minor enhancements will be issued. The latest LTS release is 2.10.3 - see Lustre 2.10.3 Changelog for more details.

Download the latest LTS maintenance release here


Users are encouraged to always run the latest version of e2fsprogs on their servers.

Lustre-enhanced GNU Tar

The Lustre-enhanced version of GNU tar is capable of backing up and restoring the Lustre layout for files.  This requires that the user specify the --xattr option when backing up and restoring the files.  The  RHEL6.3 and derivative releases of GNU tar include Lustre specific enhancements, so the separate Lustre-enhanced GNU tar is not needed for those releases.